Staff Directory - By Office

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Accounts and Payroll Office
Assistant Dean & Director, Finance Sandy Tanaka 604-822-8439
Associate Director of Finance Jaclyn Pho 604-822-1450 604-822-9988
Accounts Coordinator Christine Tu 604-822-8317
Payroll, A/P Coordinator Serena Docherty 604-822-8367
Payroll, A/P Clerk Florence Tong 604-827-4571
Accounts Payable Clerk Mimi Weaver 604-822-8509 604-827-5439
Purchasing Procurement Coordinator Judy Rollheiser 604-822-0879
Administration and Office Support Services
Director, Resources & Operations Linda Tommasini 604-822-6338
Administrative Supervisor Stacy Campbell 604-822-8681
Administrative Support/Divisional Assistant Louise Harrison

604-827-3716 604-822-1386

Office Support Services Associate
Barb Kent 604-822-8862
Business Career Centre
Reception/Career Centre Assistant
Jennifer Esmeria
Assistant Dean, Business Career Centre
Martina Valkovicova
Director, BCom Careers Program Linda Gully 604-822-8448
Associate Director, Business Development
Jane Arthurs
Manager, Alumni Careers
Kristine Thody
Manager, Business Co-op Program Lynne Murchie 604-822-9422
Manager, Business Development Danielle Wolff 604-827-5604
Manager, Business Development Malcolm Smillie 604-822-4654
Manager, Graduate Careers Iris Cai 604-822-4785
Associate Director, MBA Careers Program
Rodrigo Porto
Manager, MBA Careers Program Mary Cowan  604-822-0595
Manager, MBA Careers Program  Marja Harmer 604-827-5435
Lead, Professional Development Programming
Jeff Balin  604-822-0097
Manager, MM Careers  Carly Boettcher  604-822-2973
Manager, Bachelor of Commerce Careers Michael Clarke  604-822-7786 
Manager, BCom Careers Elena Giorgetti 604-822-7786
Manager, BCom Careers  Hatinder Hari 604-827-5370
Alumni Careers Advisor, Bachelor of Commerce Careers Veronica Widmer  604-822-8613
Operations Manager  Debby Chong  604-822-9429
Marketing Manager  Emily Wyatt  604-822-9299
Manager, Business Development
Laine McDonald 604-822-1855
Manager, Student Experience & Careers Erica Commons 604-827-5096
Coordinator, Student Experience & Careers Jesse Grimaldi 604-827-5902
Co-op Coordinator
Mursal Khyabani
Co-op Coordinator Nicole Yeasting  604-827-4438 
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
 Lee Yang
Executive Assistant Kiran Shergill 604-827-3542
Co-op Program Assistant  Conny Yang 604-822-8858
Graduate Career Assistant
Kristina Nikolova
Business Families Centre
Main Line
Program Director Tracey Charette 604-822-8611
Event Specialist
Sarah Koh
Business Technology Management Office
Manager, Business Technology Management Alan Law 604-827-4756
Manager, Business Analysis
Ambrose Tong 604-827-1820
Manager, Business Analysis
Donald Li
Centre for Operations Excellence (COE)
Director Harish Krishnan 604-822-8394
Managing Director Stuart Donald 604-822-9711
Project Advisor 
Rachel Lewis
Program Manager Emily Noton 604-822-8514
Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing (S3i)
Program Manager Karen Taylor
Executive Director
James Tansey 604-827-4443
Director, Impact Investing Jana Svedova 604-822-9583
Director, First Nations Economic Development Lerato Chondoma 604-822-9180
Manager, Social Economy & Innovation Oana Dan
Centre for Transportation Studies (CTS)
Director David Gillen 604-822-8352
Associate Director & Research Associate
Jane Lister
Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate
Director Tsur Somerville 604-822-8343
Senior Advisor Mark Monroe 604-822-0065
Ch'nook Indigenous Business Education
Associate Director, Ch'nook Danielle Levine 604-822-3277
Program Manager Miranda Huron 604-822-3135
Aboriginal Management Program Assistant
Amanda Lee
Ch'nook Program Coordinator Natasha Latter 604-822-0988
Dean's Office
Assistant to Darren Dahl, Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Director of the Robert H. Lee Graduate School Janet Gannon 604-822-8518
Executive Coordinator Leah Penrose 604-822-8559
Human Resources Manager Shirley Sia  604-822-9881
Human Resource Coordinator
Marni Fraser
Human Resources Assistant Lorra Ward 604-822-1413
Manager Research Support & Special Projects Jessie Lam 604-822-8399
Senior Advisor to the Dean & Chief Administrative Officer Katriona MacDonald  604-827-5793
Director, Research Support Services  Frances Chandler  604-822-0299
Senior Associate Dean, Strategic Partnerships and Global Initiatives
Murali Chandrashekaran
Administrative Assistant
Helen D'souza
Administrative Assistant
Cherry Chiu
Development and Alumni Engagement
Associate Dean, Development and Alumni Engagement Sheila Biggers 604-822-0192
Senior Associate Director, Development Cecily Lawrenson 604-822-4194
Associate Director, Development Chuck Gregory 604-822-2088
Associate Director
Erin Townley-Smith 604-822-8684
Development Associate
Ariel Liu
Development Manager
Gio Festa
Development Officer Ewan MacLean 604-827-5428
Development Officer Lauren Clarotto 604-827-5447
Development Officer
Stephanie Mocherniak
Development Coordinator
 Heather Sutherland
Coordinator, Operations & Donor Relations
Justen Fong
Associate Director, Alumni Relations Teresa Faulkner 604-827-5448
Alumni Engagement Officer
Letizia Ferreira
Manager, Alumni Engagement Jessica Chan 604-822-4998
Manager, Leadership & Annual Fund Program  Rupeela Gill 604-822-6068
Manager, Donor and Alumni Communications Erica Smishek 604-827-4627
Event Manager  Holly Patterson 604-822-8658
Coordinator, Volunteer & Student Programs
Jess Tang 604-827-4616
Alumni Engagement Administrative Coordinator
Nicole Aleong
Larissa Buijs
Diploma in Accounting Program (DAP)/CA/SME
Director, DAP, CA, SME Graham McIntosh 604-822-8255
Manager, Student Experience Celeste Lee 604-822-0336
Manager, Recruitment & Admissions Laura Chan (on leave) 604-822-1808
Manager, Recruitment & Admissions Shannon Thompson 604-822-1808
Program Coordinator Susan McNeil 604-822-8387
Recruitment & Admissions Coordinator
 Celine Li
Divisional Assistants
Accounting/Law & Business Communications Debra Harris 604-822-8502
Finance Sally Bei 604-822-8313
Management Information Systems Paula Chang 604-822-0490
Marketing and Behavioural Science Division Florence Yen 604-822-8314
Operations & Logistics Rita Quill 604-822-8505
Organizational Behaviour/ Human Resources Nancy Tang 604-822-8504
Strategy & Business Economics Helen Ho 604-822-8503
Duplication Services Centre
Duplication Services Associate Harry Kwan 604-827-4575
Copyright Coordinator Michele Dubé 604-822-8522
Events Management
Sua Hong
Events Manager Lauren Venema 604-827-1846
Events Manager Jennifer Koide 604-822-9334
Event Assistant
Nicole Lobo
Executive Education - Robson
Associate Dean, Executive Education Bruce Wiesner 604-827-5544
Director, EMBA Séan Corbishley 604-822-8269
Director, Program Management Jackie Howard 604-822-8262
Director, Asia
Penny Chang
Business Development Manager
Natalia Bussard
Business Development Manager Dilla Wong 604-822-9746
Business Development Manager Thomas Gronnerud 604-827-4602
Program Manager Wendy Bishop 604-827-5409
International Program Manager Jim Zhang 604-822-1456
Client Services Manager Andrea Oberdieck 604-822-0083
Learning Advisor
Mandy Hu
Marketing Coordinator Kabir Mathur 604-822-8498
Marketing & Sales Assistant
Vivian Li
Program Assistant, Part Time
Wanda He
Program Coordinator Imogene Huxham 604-827-5714
Program Coordinator Elsie Liu 604-827-4615
Program Coordinator Aurelia Ulanday 604-827-4637
Direct Mail Manager Anita Boomer 604-822-8406
Office Coordinator Fleur Shakouri
Facilities Operations Management
Facilities Assistant Bryan Keizer 604-827-1445
Facilities Assistant West Pryde 604-822-8651
Kenya Program (Sauder Social Entrepreneurship)
Director Frances Chandler 604-822-0299
Program Coordinator Colleen Poeta 604-827-1787
Learning Services
Director, Learning Services Rob Peregoodoff 604-822-5616
Manager, Learning Eco-Systems Support & Solutions Barish Golland 604-827-1568
Manager, Learning Eco-Systems Support & Solutions  Fareed Teja 604-827-4852
Manager, Learning Design
Siobhan Cook
Flexible Learning Manager Sunah Cho 604-822-8964
Faculty Liaison Jamie Stockdale 604-827-1842
Faculty Liaison Erica Hill
Academic Technology Support Specialist Maga Kijak  
Data Analytics Specialist
Alison Myers
Educational Assessment Specialist
Peter Lukasik
Learning Labs Coordinator
Altan Uludag
Library - David Lam Library/Canaccord Learning Commons
Head Christina Sylka 604-822-9390
Manager, Canaccord Learning Commons
Kalenne Thors
Library Assistant
Alastair Ferries
Library Assistant Jennifer Orme 604-822-9391
Circulation & Graphics Assistant
Elizabeth Stevenson 604-822-9393
Reference Librarian
Irena Trebic
Reference Librarian
Kim Fama
Investment Analysis Centre Coordinator Sunny Zhang 604-827-0651
Marketing and Communications
Assistant Dean, Marketing & Communications Brad Gamble 604-827-4414
Associate Director, Brand and Marketing Adriana Linoh 604-827-3868
Associate Director, Communications & Media Relations
Andrew Riley
Senior Marketing Manager Janet King  604-827-5627 
Senior Brand Manager Kristina Baric 604-827-4437
Marketing Coordinator Ashley Luk 604-822-8835
Web Manager
Erinne Cowan
Communication Specialist Bethan Williams 604-827-1455
Communication Specialist
Ryan Krumins
Communication Specialist Viola Kaminski 604-822-6934
Marketing Assistant Patricia Fraser 604-822-8436
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Alice Honiqin
Peter P. Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics
Executive Director Christie Stephenson 604-827-1783
PhD Program
Administrator Elaine Cho 604-822-8366
Phelps Centre for the Study of Government and Business
Director Tom Ross
Jessie Lam
Phillips, Hager and North Centre for Financial Research
Director Ron Giammarino 604-822-8357
Real Estate Division
Licensing - Internal (Reception) Theresa Glanville 604-822-5070
Diploma - Internal (Reception) Carrie Law 604-827-3048
Director, Licensing Education David Moore 604-822-9006
Associate Director, Licensing Education Kevin Arndt 604-822-9009
Director, Diploma, AIC, BBRE & Certificate Programs André Gravelle 604-822-9007
Associate Director, Program Development, Diploma, AIC, BBRE & Certificate Progrom John Bridal 1-877-892-1122
Course Specialist Ajay Bachra 604-822-5105
Legal Course Specialist Terence Ma 604-822-8965
Legal Course Specialist  Devin Kanhai 604-822-0214
Senior Course Specialist Stephanie Tong 604-822-6990
Course Representative, Licensing Education Deborah Austin 604-822-9010
Course Representative, Licensing Education Terry Stevenson 604-822-8453
 Course Representative
Anna Chow
LPI Representative Helen Wong 604-827-5153
Admissions Officer, Diploma, AIC, BBRE & Certificate Programs Yvonne Chuen 604-822-8457
Diploma - Registration Herbert Lam 604-827-5789
Diploma Program Course Representative Jackie Van Dyke 604-822-8446
Diploma Program Course Representative Jenny Kong 604-822-1457
Diploma Program Support Sharon Kong 604-822-9401
Exams Coordinator Terri Bolton 604-822-8541
Exams Representative Jenny Chand 604-827-5717
Exams Representative Jennifer Cooke 604-827-5585
Reception/Exam Centre Registrar vacant
Receptionist/CEC Registrar  Josephina Baik
Receptionist/CEC Registrar
Sandra Lee
Senior Systems Analyst, IT Services Alan Sun 604-822-0556
Systems Analyst, IT Services Frank Cheung 604-822-2356
Systems Analyst, IT Services Tom Deng 604-822-1774
Production Specialist Steven Lee 604-827-5506
Production Specialist Vanessa Marshall 604-822-0061
Production Specialist Tony Yu 604-822-8252
Production Specialist
Dan Ray 604-822-9008
Robert H. Lee Graduate School
Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Director of the Robert H. Lee Graduate School Darren Dahl 604-822-1890
Assistant Dean, Robert H. Lee Graduate School Liz Starbuck Greer 604-822-8405
Executive Assistant & Receptionist
Pamela Lai
Recruitment & Admissions Enquiries   604-822-8422
Director, Recruitment & Admissions
Michael Holaday
Manager, Recruitment & Admissions Emilie Morvan-Streeter
Manager, Recruitment & Admissions
Mischa Ragona
Manager, Recruitment & Admissions Vivian Tran 604-827-3046
Manager, Recruitment & Admissions Katerina Bardakjian 604-827-3839
Manager, Recruitment & Admissions Jenny Chan 604-827-0683
Manager, IMBA Recruitment
Maggie Li
Marketing & Communications Coordinator  Kevin Ly  604-822-2983
Senior Admissions Office Lucia Wong 604-822-8408
Admissions Officer Pinky Cheng 604-822-9269
Recruitment & Admissions Assistant
 Colleen Wong
Director, Student Experience & Operations Teresa Pan 604-822-8243
Manager, Full-Time MBA
Theresa Scott
Manager, Full-Time MBA
Donna Seto
Manager, Global Learning Alina Yukhymets 604-827-5283
Manager, Part-Time MBA  Dharm Joshi 604-822-2624
Manager, IMBA Steffi Hu 604-822-8425
Manager, MM Chris Gorczynski  604-822-0624 
Manager, B + MM
Tania Shepelska
Manager, Operations Hilary Geise 604-827-1732
Program Assistant, Full-Time MBA
Quinnie Sin
 Program Assistant, Part-Time MBA
 Elisabeth Chin
Program Assistant, MM & B+MM Margot Fraser 604-822-8250
Program Assistant, Integrated Courses Drew Danelesko 
Program Assistant, International Programs Coordinator Kelly Schaecher  604-827-5011
Program Assistant, Scheduling & Administration
Chrisanne Remedios
Director Katherine White 604-827-3711
Director Moura Quayle 604-827-5311
UBC IT at Sauder
Team Lead Desktop Services
Kenneth Wong  604-822-8442
Client Service Manager Barbara Vonas 604-822-1968
Service Delivery Manager Michael Berdan 604-827-1556
Web Specialist Shirley Irvine 604-822-0270
Web Integrator
Sean Killen
Support Analyst II, Desktop & Endpoint Jody Labao 604-822-0015
Support Analyst, Desktop & Endpoint Anthony Yam 604-822-8452
Support Analyst, Desktop & Endpoint
Bill Carlson 604-827-5386
Support Analyst, Desktop & Endpoint
Tony Bujas 604-822-9672
AV Technician, Classroom & Events
Bradley Clements
AV Technician, Classroom & Events
Dennis Chan
AV Technician, Classroom & Events John Brennan  604-649-1363
AV Coordinator, Classroom & Events
David Loti   604-671-5060
Undergraduate Office
Assistant Dean and Director Pamela Lim 604-822-9216
Associate Director, Admissions & Recruitment Anita Didur 604-822-4952
Associate Director, Student Development & Engagement Shannon Sterling 604-822-4428
Associate Director, Academic Services Susan Reh Bosch 604-822-8825
Admissions & Recruitment Officer Tina Huang 604-822-6618
Academic Advisor & Program Coordinator Gabriela Aragay 604-822-9424
Academic Advisor Yana Yablonovskaya 604-827-5451
Academic Advisor Yubai Liu 604-827-4585
Communications Coordinator Craig Kingsep 604-822-9535
Student Engagement & Academic Advisor Cassie Gilpin 604-822-3328
Program Assistant Beth Galbraith
Program Assistant
Tiffany Yang
Program Assistant
Abril Castillo
International Student Coordinator Jamie Tooze 604-822-9525
International Student Coordinator Wally Mitchell 604-822-4751
Abroad & Exchange Program Coordinator Ann Gilray 604-822-9518
W. Maurice Young Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Research Centre
Director Marc-David Seidel 604-827-5155
Jessie Lam