Law and Business Communications Group

Group Leader(s) Darren Dahl and Kin Lo

The Law and Business Communications group brings together two important aspects of business that run through virtually every business field and hence every business career. Whether students end up as professionals in finance, accounting, real estate, marketing, human resources, logistics, or as business owners or managers, they will encounter legal issues in the course of their work, and they will face communication challenges that can deeply affect their success.

Law program

Among the courses offered by Sauder's Law program are Commercial Law, Law of Business Associations, Land Law, and Employment Law. The courses are taught by experienced lawyers who provide students with an introduction to some of the key legal issues they will face in business.

Business Communications program

The Business Communications program is one of Sauder's newest. It currently delivers two mandatory third-year courses, Business Writing and Business Communications.  Business Communications provides students with opportunities to develop their oral communication skills across a variety of situations.  All the instructors for both Business Writing and Business Communications are experienced communication professionals.  Advance Business Communications is being launched in Fall/Winter 2015.