Tim Huh

B.A., B.Math, M.Math (Waterloo),  M.S., Ph.D. (Cornell)
Professor, Operations and Logistics Division
Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management
Canada Research Chair in Operations Excellence and Business Analytics

Contact Information

Office Henry Angus - HA 465
Tel (604) 822-0410

Research Interests

  • Inventory control
  • Supply chain management
  • Capacity planning
  • Operations research

Courses Taught in 2018-2019

  • Introduction to Quantitative Decision Making (BCom)
  • Introduction to Business Processes and Operations (BCom)
  • Logistics and Operations Management (BCom)
  • Process Fundamentals (IMBA)
  • Operations and Logistics (MM Dual)

Selected Recent Publications

  • Bo, Y., Dawande, M., Huh, W.T., Janakiraman, G., Nagarajan, M. (forthcoming) Determining Process Capacity: Intractability and Efficient Special Cases. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.
  • Sabouri, A., Huh, W.T., Shechter, S.M. (forthcoming) "Screening Strategies for Patients on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List". Operations Research.
  • Huh, W.T., Janakiraman, G., Nagarajan, M. (2016). "Capacitated Multi-Echelon Inventory Systems: Policies and Bounds". Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 18(4): 570-584
  • Huh, W.T., Li, H. (2015). "Pricing under the Nested Attraction Model with a  Multi-stage Choice Structure". Operations Research, 63(4): 840-850.
  • Kang, W., Kang, C., Hong, Y., Huh, W.T. (2015). Risk Propagation through a Platform: The Failure Risk Perspective on Platform Sharing. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 62(3): 372-383.

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