events and activities

Events & Activities

Being an MM in OR student is not just about work and study. It's also about interactive learning, skill development, teambuilding, networking, and lots of fun! Check out the news and events happening at the COE for MM students.

The regular events and activities for MM students include:

 COE Orientation

During the first week of school in September, students are invited to join in the COE orientation where they will meet the COE staff, OPLOG faculty and other fellow students. They will learn about the “ins and outs” of the program, the summer industry project, what to expect and what they need to do to succeed in the program.

 Student Activity Days

From September to December, one day a week is reserved for a student activity. The Student Activity Days are a series of interactive, creative learning opportunities organized by the COE. Through workshops and seminars, students can learn about past COE industry projects, and polish their skills on research techniques and Internet resources. They may also visit company plants and warehouses to understand how OR is applied in the industry.

 OPLOG Seminars

Students are welcome and encouraged to attend the OPLOG Seminars held by the Operations and Logistics (OPLOG) Division of the Sauder School. These seminars are usually held every Monday at 3:30p.m. during the school term. Students will find that the advanced topics discussed will further their understanding of OR, and the seminars will enable them to meet the OPLOG faculty and other graduate students in the Division.

 Project Update Meetings

During the summer industry project period, the COE organizes Project Update Meetings where students present the progress of their projects to other COE members, the OPLOG Division, and interested parties in the Sauder School. This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the projects that their fellow classmates are doing, and for other members of the School to learn about the COE industry projects.


Students may have the opportunity to travel and attend large-scale conferences on behalf of the COE to present their research to the OR community. The conferences and annual meetings frequently attended by the COE include:

 COE Partners' Roundtable

An annual year-end highlight, the COE Partners' Roundtable is an event where COE, Sauder School and UBC members come together with past, present and potential COE industry partners. This is the time for students to showcase their completed industry projects, and for the industry to learn about OR and how it applies to their organizations and could help their businesses succeed. By this time, students will be nearing the completion of their program, and many will begin a career in OR with one of the COE industry partners upon graduation.

 Social Events

It is not all about work and study! Students can have lots of fun at COE teambuilding social events, including the summer BBQ and the year-end party. The UBC INFORMS Student Chapter also has exciting activities and educational events throughout the year.