Build Experience

Opportunities to learn by doing through real world business projects, internships and co-op education are a core part of the UBC Sauder experience for all of our graduate and undergraduate students.

While at UBC Sauder you'll also enjoy numerous opportunities to add to your network of contacts by attending events with business leaders, alumni and employers throughout your program.

Find a mentor

Regular industry events help you find a mentor within the business community.

Gain experience

Internships, co-op programs and other work experience opportunities help you build your resume.

Learn by doing

During your program, you'll have opportunities to apply what you learn in real world settings.

Build your network

Graduate with a valuable network of contacts, including students, hiring managers, CEOs and alumni.

Network and build practical experience

At UBC Sauder the academic side of your learning experience is balanced out by opportunities to work and connect with organizations that need your skills. Below are a few examples.


Gain a competitive advantage

For BCom students, co-op education is a fantastic way to gain career-building, paid work experience relevant to your BCom specialization. UBC Sauder co-op students perform valuable, useful work and develop skills and a professional network that help launch a career after graduation.


Manage a real multimillion-dollar portfolio

Targeting a career in the global capital markets? The UBC Portfolio Management Foundation program provides a select group of BCom students with the opportunity to work with industry mentors to manage a real multimillion-dollar portfolio as part of a unique real-world learning experience.


Connect with employers and influencers

UBC Sauder acts as a bridge between students and employers, alumni and other members of the broader business community. Events like the UBC Sauder Entrepreneurship luncheon, which provides a unique opportunity for students to showcase their start-up businesses, help bring everyone together.


Help local social enterprises grow

Master of Management students at UBC Sauder can put their business skills to work on community-enhancing projects with not-for-profit and social enterprises in Vancouver. Students use their expertise in business planning, market expansion, community planning and environmental sustainability initiatives to help make a difference.


Solve live business problems

A highlight of the UBC MBA program is the summer experiential learning component. Students use their learning and skills to solve live business problems as part of a hands-on internship or entrepreneurial project - from consulting and financial analysis to driving forward a new business idea.


Release your inner entrepreneur

You don't need to invent an app or start a business to be an entrepreneur; you can also become an 'intrapreneur' within a company or help build a fledgling start-up. We offer courses, options and tracks in entrepreneurship. And when your "eureka" moment arrives, expert support - and even seed money - is on hand.

coast capital

Drive social innovation

Vancouver is developing into a recognized innovation hub, and UBC Sauder is part of it. The Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub supports early stage ventures devoted to solving social and environmental problems using for-profit business models. The Hub provides working space, expert faculty and alumni mentors, and support from UBC Sauder students.